Sick City Project

'Nobody is healthy in London, nobody can be'

Want to arrange a guided walk?

There’s no better way to encounter London’s history than to walk it – and an experienced, eloquent guide makes all the difference. Whether you’re leading a school or college party, curating an exhibition, or just looking to give a group of friends or colleagues an out-of-the-ordinary experience, an expertly-led walk can be the beginning of a long and passionate love-affair with the city and its past.

Richard Barnett and a party of happy walkers from the ICL Medical Humanities option for medical students

Richard Barnett and a party of happy walkers from the ICL Medical Humanities option for medical students in 2012. Thanks to Kelley Swain for the photo

Over the past eight years I’ve written more than twenty walks around the history of life, death, health and medicine in London. In addition to a long-running and on-going collaboration with Wellcome Collection, I’ve given walks for the Museum of London, the Bloomsbury Festival, the Cochrane Library, the UCL iBSc History of Medicine programme, the ICL Medical Humanities option, the City Lit, Newstead Wood School, the Institute of Neurology, the Vanderbilt University international programme, the Phi Delta Epsilon international medical fraternity, Louisiana State University, the University of Delaware winter programme, the Association of Dutch Water Companies (Vewin), and many private groups. My walks for Wellcome Collection have been some of their most successful and highly-praised events, and according to Snipe London I’m ‘as poised and as charming an academic as ever donned a shabby brown jacket … [who] possesses the timeless English affability which is rarely found these days outside universities, the theatre, and the upper reaches of the medical profession’.

With so many walks to choose from, you can find all kinds of different ways to explore London’s life and culture. Follow in the footsteps of an eighteenth-century medical student, learn all about the great age of exploration at Greenwich, witness the excesses of the Georgian gin craze, or saunter through the decadent world of bohemian medicine in Chelsea.

If you’d like to find out more, drop me a line at sickcityproject [at] gmail [dot] com. Anything between 10 and 30 walkers makes for a comfortable group. (And I’m always glad to talk about writing & performing new walks, to accompany a conference, an exhibition or a teaching course.)

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