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Sick City Talks episode 3 – ‘Bedside Stories’

An old joke claims that medical schools take well-rounded students and proceed to squash them flat. But a new generation of schools are realising that good health and good practice go hand in hand with other kinds of insight into the human condition. Every summer Imperial College London holds an exhibition of artwork made by medical students on its medical humanities programme. This year’s show has the deliciously Angela Carter-esque title ‘Bedside Stories’, and I took a tour in the company of Giskin Day, the co-ordinator of the Medical Humanities programme. Two of her students, Rhys Davies and Lydia Lilis, were kind enough to share their thoughts on death, dance and the pleasures of poetry.

You can listen to & download the podcast using the embedded player below, or (if you prefer) you can go straight to the Sick City Project page on Soundcloud. This is the third in a regular series of podcasts, in which I explore the history, literature, art and science of medicine in London (and occasionally further abroad). Keep an ear out for future talks on the art of the disappeared and medieval lepers.

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